Reverend Tucker

Reverend Alphonso Tucker, a Baltimorean, was born on December 16, 1960. He has three brothers and one sister.  He is married to Bridgett Sophia Tucker and they are the proud parents of four lovely daughters; Alexis, Stephaine, Allison, and Bridgete Sofia, and the grandparents of three; Sanna, Devaughn and Shiloh.

Reverend Tucker graduated from Northwestern Sr. High School in June 1979.  He received an Associate of Arts Degree from the Community College of Baltimore  in June 1986. He was awarded an academic scholarship to attend Morgan State University, where he received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Religious Studies in 1989.

Reverend Tucker loves the Lord Jesus Christ and delights in doing “the will of God”. He was licensed to preach the Gospel on November 22, 1981 under the pastorate of the (late) Reverend Dr. Ernest Humphrey. On December 14, 1986, Reverend Tucker was ordained a Baptist Minister under the leadership of the (late) Reverend Dr. Lorenzo Graves. He served as Pastor of Wayside Baptist Church from 1990 to 1994. From 1995 until June 12, 2009, he served as an Associate Minister at First Christian Community Baptist Church under the leadership of the (late) Reverend Dr. Ernest Humphrey. After the retirement of the (late) Reverend Dr. Ernest Humphrey in May of 2009, an “Election for Pastor” was held at First Christian Community Baptist Church on June 13, 2009 and Reverend Tucker was voted in to become the new Pastor of First Christian Community Baptist Church.

In May of  2012, Reverend Tucker was awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from the Northwestern Bible College, which was bestowed in recognition of his faithful and notable service, creative and innovative leadership and dedication.

We trust and believe that Reverend Tucker was sent by God to preach thus said the Lord. Romans Chapter 10 Verse 15 says, “And how shall they preach, except they be sent? As it is written, how beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things”.